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The other half of our soul. 

As a spiritual coach I can assist and guide you to the understanding of the Twin Flames energy and its path.

The duality. The inner DM (divine masculine) and DF (divine feminine) 

The Twin Flame is called like this because in a remote time a Soul has been split in two and the two halves have continued, during the many incarnations, to embody in different bodies but remaining forever united and connected to eachother energetically.

Ancient and immortal Souls for which, Jesus' famous words:

"What God has joined together, let man not separate"

take on the most profound and true meaning that can ever be.

The Twin Flames, their energy goes beyond time and space and there will never be nothing nor no one ever capable of changing or mutate this energy and their Love. A Love made of pain, separation, union, frustration, compassion, tenderness; but above all, capable to make the counterpart burn everything which no longer serves anymore. The masks will all fall down, one by one. The truth and only the truth will have a place of honor. Everything that was, will never be again, because of the once made agreement of the Soul. A special mission awaits the two twins who'll be reunited to serve the planet and illuminate it with their light, once the inner reunion has occured between

the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

An unconditional love will always unite them and together or by themselves, once the inner union has occurred, they will perform their sacred and unique mission at the service of everyone and everything through the light they will emanate.

The connection between Twin Flames is a very strong and intense connection

and the reason of this intensity is due to the fact that when two Twin Flames meet, they find themselves looking at eachother like litterally in a mirror, because Twin Flames are practically one the mirror of the other. This happens not because they look alike, but because they are two halves of one Soul. This connection is the strongest that we can ever have in the reality of the 3D. The flame between Twin Flames is litterally like a flame. It's a flame that burns incessantly under their feet forcing them to evolve. After they have manifested eachother one in front of the other, the Twin Flames will continue constantly to burn everything which doens't serve anymore in the life of one another. The intensity is so strong that is capable to pull away the Twin Flames from eachother because of fear or because of a lack of discerniment of the comprehension of this overwhelming energy and where is it coming from. The trasformation begins and the mind starts having problems with this rapid evolution that occurs outside the own ego which doesn't have any control over it. These stages can be very painful for both Twin Flames. There will be an indestructible bond between the Twin Flames, even if physically separated from months to years, they will be constantly, energetically and telepathically always connected in the 5D.

The intensity of the connection when the two Flames will be together is going to influence whoever will be around them. Indiscriminately everyone, spiritual or not, they will all feel the energy between them. Nevertheless it's rare to meet our own Twin Flames in the same lifetime and when this happens, it's going to be up to the Twins to let the connection be constructive instead of destructive.

There must be a total individual wholeness which will allow the Twin Flames to be together and work on the life mission of their Soul. Both Twins must do a deep work on themselves to eliminate the duality and until this total wholeness of being it's not achieved, they will keep repelling eachother. Infact much personal work to do for both the Twins is needed in order to let inner or and physical reunion happen.

Let's understand together what this journey is all about. I can help you learn to deal with this energy and to deepen your knowledge of the ego, in order to make your soul evolve due to the flame's gift.

@@@Get in touch by sending me a mail for a 1h one on one session or a group's session.

Looking forward to meet you and work together! 

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