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What is
Family-System Therapy?
Why can it be useful?

Family-System therapy is a form of psychotherapy and takes to the core of the problems between family members. Family also seen as a system. In relationships supports the individuals with the understanding of what is important to live an healthy couple and family life, getting a clear insight about the existing issues and which goal needs to be achieved to improve the relation.
Are you experiencing:
Parent-child problems- Temper changing problems- Adolescent aggressive behaviour- Past/present trauma-Uncomfortable home life- Illness or death of a family member?


 When a client goes to the therapist for a complaint, he or she usually points to somebody with a problem. The client self, or a partner, or one of the children. The problems can be connected to a trauma, or fear, or aggressive moods, or depressions and or feeling too stressed. The most forms of therapy are focused on the treatment of an individual. Family/system therapy focus treatments on all members of the family and goes deeper than the superficial layer of the problem. In facts if we analyse things from another perspective, we realize that a person with a problem in a family has an impact on all the members of it. Involving the whole family will bring clarity, co-operation and eventually the solving of the problem that has caused many issues within it.

System therapy is based on the search of the traumas accured

during the early years of an individual's lifetime.

The family as system.

The system as point of engagement.

The power in the family.

The past, the abilities, the communication, the mistakes, the questions not asked and much more.

Going to the core takes, therapist, client and family members involved, to a place where darkness becomes light. The light of clarity and understanding.

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