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"The Heart is the commander and the mind is the server"

My name is Bianca and I am a beautiful soul, just like you!

Throughout the years I have developed the awareness that we are

the Masters of our lives.

The Source,is in constant connection with us, living within each and everyone of us, loving us with an incredible unconditional LOVE. 

What happens to us during our lives, has the purpose to teach us a life lesson in order to make us grow towards the light of the Universe above and within us, so that we can start the amazing and painful journey of our spiritual awakening inside the beautiful soul that WE ALREADY ARE.

We will be challenged to face our own DIVINITY.

The Evolution of our Soul takes place and the process once started is irreversible!

There have been several traumatic events in my life. During those moments I always had the feeling that I was not in charge of what was happening to me. I was just striked by them left in tears. All my life I have been desperately in search for something which was missing and never felt in complete harmony with what I had. I used to tell myself: "there must be something more to life than this" Yet, despite this confusion, I always tried to achieve the goals that back then seemed to be what I wanted to reach. What made me feel myself all the time was when I was serving, wether my neighbor or the planet. Taking care of the Universe and its creatures has always given me an amazing good feeling; but what I have realized during my spiritual awakening process is that I continuosly, on purpose, forgot about ME, myself. I was missing a piece of self love within me.

My spiritual awakening started in 2012, trigged by a trauma that has caused me a huge amount of pain and disappointment, very tough moments that have forced me to start to seek love at the source within me and from there start to heal my wounds. During that periode I felt lost, hurt, disconnected with everything and everyone around me, tired and alone. The first step to the knowlegde of who I really am and what my soul's mission is on this planet.

What now, looking back throughout the pain, I call a "BLESSING"

A while before my spiritual awakening I had an encounter destined to make me travel within and find out who I really was. I met my twin flame, the other part of my soul and only now I could finally understand everything deeply.

My mirror, my lifechanging encounter.

Of course that was only the tip of the iceberg, my spiritual awakening was taking place and I was about to go through the painful "Dark night of the soul".

I have been through many, difficult, desperate moments back in 2012. Nevertheless, during those terrible moments I did not have a clue that those very moments were determined to bring me where I had to be and where I would never go if it weren´t for those sad happenings.

 I came face to face with my strength and I was so proud to be finally aware of it!

Those awful moments have given me the opportunity to work deeper on myself, while no longer being afraid of addressing my pain. It is for these events that now I am where I am today and I know who I am and what I can mean for this planet.

My spiritual awakening has been the best experience of my life.

It made me become aware of my soul's masterplan and this awareness

is simply amazing.

Nowdays I work with passion and devotion. I am a spiritual teacher, a life coach and a counselor. I understand perfectly what my mission is.

Our soul is extremely intelligent and has everything figured out

way before our mind does.

Our soul will do everything to bring us on the path we belong to be, and when we get to the point of no return of this awesome awareness, our

spiritual awakening is happening.

Meanwhile and afterwards, achieving the full discernment of the masterplan we are part of, becomes the most majestic journey of our life!

Remembering always that:

the HEART is the COMMANDER and the MIND is the SERVER.

This photo was taken in Pompei-Italy, special place to my ancient Soul.

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