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The story behind the Family-System and Couple Therapy

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Biancamaria Nistro, this is my full name. I am italian, from a small town 110 km between Rome and Naples. I am currently living in the Netherlands but very often I go back to Italy, to my roots where I can recharge, enjoy family, the amazing sunny weather, the blue sea and my mountains. I have been almost all my working life an entrepeneur, busy discovering my talents, skills and gifts in order to share them on this amazing planet where we live. Most about my spiritual life is to find on this website under "My Spiritual Journey" The following will elaborate on my choice to deepen my knowledge in the therapies that focus on facilitating our evolution: the family-system and the couple therapy. The program I am bringing to your attention is something I've been working on from years. These last 10 years I have been busy studying a way to help people discover where happiness is to be found. Something that triggers me are the conflicts among people. Where these conflicts come from and why once a conflict seems to be  resolved, another kindred one shows up to destroy the peace of mind of individuals. What can possibly go wrong and has the strength to transform love in hate? Reason why, 12 years ago I have started and completed the 3 years course "Marriage and Family" and a couple of years later I have started to learn about the Gottman method from the USA. This method inspires me in an extraordinary way. The Gottman institute has been working with couples for over 30 years and in their teaching I have found my way to make a huge step forward. I have been to Texas USA to follow a seminar about bridging the couple chasm and I have completed with success Level 1clinical training and followed online the Level 2 clinical training about assessment-interventions and co-morbidities in Gottman method couples therapy. Currently busy in completing Level 3 as well. Over these last years I have learned every possible lecture, book and online lessons by Dr John and his wife Dr Julie Gottman and I use Gottman method couples therapy in my work. Through the many conversations I have had with people about this issue between couples, I have realized that the problem has a deeper root and has to  be searched at the core. How to get there is something I have knowledged with my study of family-system therapy. All family members are in a way involved in a individual's issue which has an impact on each and everyone. Reason why I have decided to start the education to become a family-system therapist, which I have successfully ended with the graduation. The system therapy helps to dig deeper into an individual's issue, taking us back to the early years where most trauma's have taken place in our lives. Reaching that core gives us therapists the possibility to provide help in healing the wound that the trauma has caused.

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