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Are you struggling in your relationship?

Caught in a negative perspective regarding your partner?

Aren't you able to manage the conflicts with your partner anymore?

Do you feel caught in gridlocked, perpetual conflicts?

Feeling lonely and isolated?

The relationship with your partner is the most important one in your life, and even the happiest of couples will face challenges and obstacles along the way. 

A relationship starts with love all

around and within.

The heart beats faster.

The passion, the will of being together all the time, the in love look into eachother's eyes, and the impossibility to take the hands off one another. This is how a relationship starts, with stars everywhere and rainbows in the sky;

but what happens when along the way things go wrong and we let it come so far that we lose the sight of LOVE?

How did we get here? 

How do we actually make a relationship work?

This question has been asked to many couples and what came out was a profound ignorance about it. The couples didn't have a clue of how to make a relationship work.

According to dr Gottman, who has analyzed lots of couples, there are two kind of them: The couple that would do anything to make it work, showing interest, empathy and affection one another, and the couple who destroy everything lacking at all the qualities above.

What do we need?

3 important principles based on friendship, which is about intimacy in a relationship and has three fundamental ingrendients that I shall use during my couple therapy sessions.

When there is Love and the intention to make it work asking for help, the road to success is the one we want to walk despite of the difficulties, by reaching out to eachother. Meeting one another at a meeting point in the middle, longing for that feeling that seems to be lost somewhere and yet so ready to be found again.

I can help couples to reconnect, improve their communication and rebuild trust. I assist all kinds of couples including straight and gay couples, new and newly engaged couples, those in long term relationships, and couples in crisis. 

@@@Get in touch as a couple by sending me a mail, together we'll find a way to use, daily, the 3 necessary ingredients to find again and keep intimacy in the relationship.

The sessions are 1h each and they are part of  a series of sessions from 9 to 12 as needed.

Looking forward to meet you and work together!

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