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The Soul´s Masterplan

"An awakening is when we start to be aware that there is indeed something more to life"

As a spiritual coach I can assist and guide during the process of the Spiritual Awakening and the understanding of the Twin Flames energy and its path.

The duality. The inner DM (divine masculine) and DF (divine feminine) 

Trying to explain what a spiritual awakening means is not the easiest thing to do, especially when the one listening or reading doesn´t have a clue. 

The first step that leads to the long path we have to walk for our spiritual awakening starts mostly with a reflection we make that says: There  must be something more to life than this. I started questioning myself about it since I was a teenager. The deeper meaning of this life kept my mind often busy; but, what does actually happen during our spiritual awakening and

what is the meaning of it?

Our spiritual awakening allows us to look, feel and be fully aware of our own DIVINITY.

The difficulty we must face is that when we come to stand within the light of our divinity, we are forced to get rid of all the masks we have put on to disguise our true self, get rid of the lies we have been telling, get rid of our childwood trauma's and wounds, get rid of what others have done to us and what we have done wrong to our neighbors, get rid of the judjements we have towards ourselves and others, get rid of our emotional baggage, get rid of everything that is untrue about us, everything that has blocked us in life up until now. This process is called the PURGE and it can be tremendously difficult to be in. It is quite demanding. Ultimately, when we start this journey, which is irreversible, we'll leave everything that doesen't serve us anymore behind and this awakening will take us to a state of ONENESS, within our light being aware of our divinity. We will become WHOLE.

Full of joy, radiating energy, powerful. The moment we are aware of our wholeness, we are ready to fully be at the service from our divinity and everything becomes a miracle!

I would like to quote Leonard Cohen words in regard of what is written above:

"There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in"

A spiritual awakening does not happen from us but through us. Our soul, our heart have it all covered and we must not let our mind interfere with it. 

Of course the challenges are many and not the same for everyone. For healers and teachers it is tough and the process is called "Initiation" it is more difficult because

of the mission their soul has chosen for them.

My challenges have been very difficult. My life really fell apart back in 2012 when I started the process of the `Dark night of the soul´ Feeling unworthy and wrong, I thought I was going crazy. I felt lost and alone, trying not to show this to my teenage daughter as much as I could. I was tired, disappointed and so, so sad. Exhausted. Afterwards I understood that this was an inevitable process I had to go through in order to evolve and grow in awareness and wisdom. Now I am happy that I have been through all this, because the highs after the spiritual awakening are amazing. It is true, we never go through anything we are not able to handle. Even if the tough moments seem often unbearable. The self LOVE, the awareness, the energy, the LIGHT that come after the spiritual awakening are worth all the possible challenges. I am so grateful for all of this!

Clear by now that during our awakening, our SOUL is in control and we really must stay out of our own way, letting the soul do its job and being aware that once started, our spiritual awakening, our mind is no longer in control, our soul is.

Spending much time alone in meditation, in silence,

immerse in nature,

we will be able to answer the question:

Who am I really?

The old is dying, our real energy is emerging.

How do we manage to not get stuck in the dark? 

Whatever demons, guilt, etcetera we are still attached to,

we must remember that they won't let our soul come to light.

We must process anything dark

that is holding us back from coming out of negativity by letting it



Patience is going to be

at this phase a great ally.

I am available for group's sessions (online with max 8 partecipants) or for 1h one on one session.

@@@Get in touch by sending me a mail and we'll plan together an interview.

Looking forward to meet you and work together!

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