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For individuals and couples evolving to be Masters of their lives

What does it really mean to get another chance with new horizons?

Speaking from my personal expierence, I have often felt lost.

New horizons didn't seem clear to my eyes. I was blind.

Blinded by my lack on believing in my own light, not trusting the Universe,

not paying attention to the the gift of my talents. Uncertain about myself,

most of the times not authentic because scared to show the real me, my heart.

Full of fire, full of love. The society's status quo felt often uncomfortable,

the unjustice I witnessed touched me deeply, leaving wounds and scars

and yet, always had the feeling that what I was living couldn't just be it.

There was more; but I didn't understand what. Now I do!!

I owe it to my spiritual awakening and to the trauma that has trigged it.

Due to the evolving of my soul I have got another chance and with

this chance, I could see far ahead of me. I could look at new horizons

and that has been an amazing experience

How do we work for a better understanding of our own self?

Because that is what is all about, It is all about US. Our soul has an amazing masterplan for all of us and in order to evolve ourselves, we must go through some stages. Change patterns, go deep within our soul and let it do what it has planned for us. Keep walking on the path we find ahead of us. Straight, long, with some difficult pieces, some dark spots, some scary areas and keeping on walking, we are able to leave everything that doesn't suits us anymore behind.

We litterally go through a purge. We eliminate all the stagnations, blocks, wounds and trauma's that have caused us to be stucked into the rol of a movie, actors of our own life.

These things happen to purify our soul, teaching us something to facilitate our growth.

Let's look at this awesome chestnut tree on the background.

It is huge, beautiful, strong and its green mixes perfectly with the blue of the sky as it is tall.

It looks bold, proud, aware of its beauty. This chestnut tree has also deep roots under the ground.

This deep rooted groundedness is what makes its majesty possible.

"go Deep in order to be High"   

Looking ahead we see the horizon, blue and bright, full of new chances, new opportunities.

We can feel our energy mixed with the energy of the Universe all around us, we can feel God. Our soul it's us and finally we feel it. We feel our vibes, our being and our wholeness.

'The Evolution of the Soul' work has the purpose to help you find your lifepath, to open your heart and to evolve your soul, sothat you can fullfill your mission on this planet with the light you have within you.

Whether for individuals, whose soul purpose is evolving into light, as for couples having lost the sight of the real thing that once brought the lovers together.

Conflicts exist because we lose the sight of LOVE, step by step, giving much space to our EGO, nurturing it with our mind, insecurities, jealousy and judgements.

Our heart is no longer in control. 

The goal of 'going deep in order to go high' gives us the possibility to look at ourselves and the other from the right perspective. Once we have found the light at the source within us, we are on the right path to be Masters in whatever we manifest.

This journey is amazing and can be painful. I am available to help you overcome it. 1h one on one session or group's sessions with max 8 partecipants.

@@@ Get in touch by sending me a mail and let's find together the best way to let your soul evolve without having any longer the interference of the ego.

Looking forward to meet you and work together!

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